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User Comments

I have started using your OraSnap scripts on my database and first off, I have to say I think they are great!
-Brad Hecox

As a DBA, I really felt the need for such tool. I believe it is really a gift for we DBAs. Good Work!!

I am currently testing OraSnap v2.5.1 and it is a great product.

Let me thank you for your tool because it is very nice and helpfull for any dba. Actually, I use orasnap V2.5.0 on different versions of databases, 8.0.6 and 8.1.6.
-Chamoun Jabbour

Thanks for that fantastic tool. Now its easy to see how the database is running.
-Darci Tartari

I don't know what to say. I'm shocked and saddened to hear that I'm the first ever to send you a donation for this fantastic product. OraSnap is easily the most valuable and comprehensive tool in my arsenal. It is widely used, and ALL of us make a good living managing Oracle databases. It is therefore inconceivable to me that no one else would send you something. Ah, yes... more evidence that my natural bent toward cynicism is not unfounded. ;-) By the way, on a more positive note, your newest feature, the "Mini Snapshot", is fantastic! Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
-Loren Sorensen

Wanted to thank you for creating OraSnap. Became an intricate part of my monitoring process.
-Howard Horowitz

I have been using Orasnap successfully for a while now. My compliments on a great tool.
-Kevin Cahill

Thanks so much for your efforts with OraSnap. I have set it up to monitor 3 different databases and it's providing valuable information.
-Linda Jones

I tried out the OraSnap software and what I have seen of it, it is great.
-Magnus Herrström

I have been using your excellent Orasnap utility and have found it very useful.
-Derek Symington

This product is just great. It has exactly what it needs. Nothing more nothing less. I'm a senior DBA, I've started with ORacle in 1993 and I'm using it all the time.
Thanks a lot!
-Adrian Sturdza

Congratulation for this Job! I teach Oracle Administration and Tunning Database Course in Colombia and in my classes i use your tool for explain a lot of concepts, and the way for build some tools, such that this tools help to DBAs to manage the DataBases.
-Juan Carlos Soto Orjuela

First of all let me say the the Orasnap tool is a great dba resource. I have setup the multiple instance monitoring to be automatically run on an NT workstation twice during business hours and the resulting web pages are copied up to a web server for viewing. This is all done without any user intervention!
-Jan Kolar

I just did a quick look against Personal 7.3.4 on 98. I am so impressed I want to try it on enterprise databases this week.
-Jim Brennan

Congratulation for creating such a nice tool.
-Sandeep Kurliye

I just download and installed your VERY VERY fine product. So far I very exited about it.

This is the greatest Freeware I have EVER used. Thanks and keep up the good work.
-Jeff Jones

This is a very good product.

This thing is C O O L !!!!!
-Ivan B. Krnic

Thanks for your wonderful product.
-Peggy Dailey

OraSnap is an excellent tool ! ;-) Thanx for it !

I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!! I'll recommend to all my DBA friends.

ORASNAP 2.2.1 worked just as you stated. Looking forward to trying 2.3.1 !! As another Oracle DBA I love it!! I use it on our department web-site for a summary of our 8 Oracle instances most of which are over 1.5 TB (largest 4 tb). I also use ORASNAP with my home Oracle 8.1.5 where I'm trying to teach my 16 yr old to be an Oracle DBA too.
-Mark Leberer

With this mail we want to says thanks to the people that build Orasnap! Our first reactions are very enthousiastic, in the next weeks we are going to look at it more in detail. Our recommendations will be sent to you too. The information that is presented by Orasnap was already available in scripts at our site, but the main problem we had was to convert it to a readable and maintainable document that could be used as a description off the configuration of the oracle instances and databases. Orasnap fullfills in all these manco's. It is an online document and to walk through the different databases is easy. The way it is build is so easy, that even I will be able now to use the idea to document other information of systems of the databases to the administrators. Another thanks for that.
-Berto Evering

Just what to say thanks for the Ora Snap software. I tried to build a similarly system some time back but I did not manager to get as far as you have.
-Damian Trusler

These scripts are fantastik. Keep up the GOOD work.
-Afshin Noohi

I'm going to try it out. From the looks of snap8.sql, you've put a lot of work into this tool.
-Ken Ingram

Thanks, Stewart, for ORASNAP, a wonderful and very useful utility for a new Oracle DBA!
-Lise A. McLean

I just started using OraSnap and I think it is awesome! Thanks a lot. What I appreciate most is the distribution of the source code, it's great to be able to alter things get at the guts of it.
-Brian Carignan, OCP

OraSnap is great. You are THE MAN!

A very nice tool to look all at one time. I greatly appreciate for your great efforts to bring such a tool to public. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for providing a useful and well-written product.
-Bill Pollack

Good stuff. More grease to your elbows.
-Anthony Doh-Koranteng

You must be a "roboDBA"! I can't even keep my script in order, let alone generate html pages. GREAT TOOL! The script alone are worth the price of the download. I will share with other dba's in my group.
-Chris Marquez

Great product.Keep it up and God Bless you.
-Aravind Rao

This is a great tool and a terrific learning tool - thanks for including a view of the SQL used in the queries.
-Art Stone

First of all, I wanted to let you know this is a really neat tool. It really organizes the collection and reporting of key oracle performance and operability related reports.
-Kevin Moran

I would like to thank you for providing a tool like orasnap. The new version of orasnap is very good. I was thinking to write some SQL script so that I will have system statistics. But when I saw this tool, I changed my mind and now I am planning to use it.

This is a cool tool - Thanks
-Marsy Mahmud

I am very impress with ORASNAP. It is an excellent tool for a DB snapshot.
-Elmo Lombard

This is a cool tool - Thanks
-Marsy Mahmud

This is a great product.. we tried v1.1 and liked it now you have something much better.. Great work keep it up.. By the way do you know that we Oracle Corporation empolyees also use this to help with our day to day work!!!!

Congratulation on a fine product to help the DBA's of the world. I hope this was a college project and you got an A+. Pat yourself on the back and feel proud.
-Ron Rogers

Orasnap is an excellent piece of work !!! Keep it up.

Just thought I'd say first that I love the product (even though I only got it yesterday).
-Iain Nicoll

Thanks for a wonderful tool, I've recommended to all of my DBA/Developers colleague to use and learn this great tool.

Hi there - just tried orasnap - great looking product!
-Glen Stromquist

The software is excellent . This is useful for all levels of DBA's. Thanks a lot. Hope to have more & more good Utilites designed like this.

I've just installed oraSnap. I like it. Very nice. Well done.

I enjoyed your program and it is very easy to use.
-Hendrik Worm

OraSnap is a great tool - especially the notes that accompany the scripts - and helped me learn DBA stuff. I'm a webmaster now, so my interaction with Oracle has come down considerably. Even then, to get quick idea of existing databases, I find the scripts which you've compiled more useful than Oracle's EM.

Let me congratulate you on Orasnap, I have found it extremely useful. Another addition to the DBA arsenal.

Outstanding! Thank you Stewart for creatng OraSnap. its is very handy... very cool...
-Scott Tavares

I finally got a chance to look at OraSnap. That's some great work you did! Very creative implementation, too. I like it.
-John Dorlon

The software is excellent . This is useful for all levels of DBA's. Thanks a lot.

Love your product!! The html output is so nice! Thanks for a great FREE product!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Todd Randall

I just wanted to let you know that I have tried this tool out and it is great! I have a whole directory full of similar scripts, but this tool puts them all together in a wonderful HTML layout that is really, really easy to view! Excellent job! As a DBA consultant, this tool has proved very useful when visiting a client site for the first time and/or a site that has a problem. I can take it on a diskette, run it against a database and have an immediate HTML output. Love it!
-Warren McCall

I now use OraSnap quite extensively in my consulting assignments, supplementing/replacing the material I have used for years. Your HTML interface is really great! Thanks!
-Allan Seabrook

Excellent set of scripts - really appreciate the use as it will make my life a little easier.
-Stan Adler

Just used OraSnap 1.3 written by u and could not resist thanking u for the excellent product. Regards and wish u a wonderful New Year and hope to see OraSnap grow by leaps and bounds in the new millenneium.
-J R Kumar

I've downloaded OraSnap and find it a useful tool. Clean install, simple interface. Nicely done.
-Jeremy Pulcifer

Great tool! I have a few monitor scripts that do much of the same, but they do not present the info via html -- again, great tool.
-Dave LeMonier

I wanted to congratulate you on a great DBA tool, I think OraSnap will come in very handy for me.

I downloaded OraSnap yesterday and I feel as though I just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You did a really great job.
-Jerry Gitomer

This is a really cool utility. Its by far the best free tool I've ever seen. Thanks!!!!
-David K. Whisler

Sincere congratulations and thanks a lot for your professional and fabulous work.

Neat tool. Information about the database is presented in a comprehensive way. THANKS!
-Jan Mulder

I just wanted to say that your OraSnap program is the best all-inclusive tool that I've seen since I started working with Oracle! The format, design and information is very useful and very much appreciated!
-Courtney Burkett

This is great tool for DBA's. Congrats for the work done.
-Phani K Sikharam

I monitor a few Databases and have been looking for a tool that does exactly what OraSnap. What a great tool!
-Jim Walski

I am new to DBA land and I am impressed with your code. Kudos to you and thank you for making it freeware.
-Pat Gorden-Ozgul

Great set of scripts and the notes rock! I made a PHP version using these scripts and notes and now with a webserver with PHP compiled, you can generate the output online. I'll make a downloadable zip file soon at http://www.csoft.net/~vsbabu
-Satheesh Babu

Thank you for the awesome Oracle DBA tools. It makes DBA jobs easier to gather and analyze Oracle performance.

OraSnap is one of the best utilities ( if not the best !! ) I have ever seen. As a consultant and Oracle trainer, with the usual kitbag of scripts written and plaguarised by myself over the last 10 years, this is the first tool I have ever seen which makes me feel like throwing them all away !! Good luck with your on going development and thanks a lot.
-John McAllister

Just a quick note to say thanks for this marvellous application. It's useful to me in that you provide suggestions as well as stats, it makes things more meaningful. I believe that it will help me out when preparing for my OCP tuning exam.

I have just used your OraSnap util. My congratulations on possibly one of the most useful pieces of Oracle kit I've played with in ages. I couldn't believe that such a simple idea could be put such devastating use. I have had the various scripts you describe floating around my "script bag" but they are always a nightmare to find, and usually need adjusting for the current instance. Your only mistake is not getting people to pay for this!!! Many thanks, for proving that the simplest idea is usually the best! All the best for the future.
-George Johnson

Congratulations for this wonderful software and thank you for distributing it gratuitously!
-Adriano Dal'Alba

Your software is great.(CONGRATULATIONS).
-Francisco Martinez Oviedo

It is absolutely fabulous. I love the results and the idea. Thanks.

I downloaded OraSnap today and I am immensely impressed. A huge WELL DONE! to you.

Nice tool!
-Bernard van Aalst

This is a really great tool which helps making things easier every day. Thank you for giving this tool away as freeware. By the way: It even works on a Oracle 7.1.4-Database (this is the oldest one in our "collection"). If it is possible I would appreciate to get the latest news by email. If not, no matter I will bookmark this page. Best regards and greetings from germany.
-Harald Knierim

I would like to compliment you on the fine job that you have done with 'orasnap'. I have been using it for a little while now. Thanks
-Sapan Rawal

I downloaded OraSnap. It's a nice way to get the various scripts in a browser. Nice going. Thanks for the program, and putting it on the web.
-Gary Fox

A very cool tool - I'm looking forward to using it. I especially like the explanations of various parameters, counters, etc on the bottom of the right frame (I'm a DBA, but I'm always learning). The only downside that I can see is that, unless I'm mistaken (and I very well might be) you can only use this on one database at a time. Anyway, thanks for app - a very interesting approach. I'm looking forward to perusing the source.
-Steve Ries

Thats definitely an incredible amount of info, thanks a bunch.
-Joe Testa

This is an excellent tool!! Thanks for sharing. Thanks

Its Great tool. Thanks a lot. Cheers!
-Gopalakrishnan K

Even though a lot of ppeople already told you so: your tool is great, especially for someone like me who is actually a developer and not a born DBA who has to do DBA work as well. Thanks a lot.
-Antje Sackwitz

Great tool!!! Thanks Stewart
-Mika Banda

Thank you for the utility. I've just started using it, but it looks great!

This is very nice. You've put some thought and work into this and it shows. My colleagues were equally impressed.
-Jared Still

After reviewing the scripts to make sure they were not going to destroy my database, I ran the SNAP8.SQL against a scrap database on my NT box. The output of this script is great. I too am a consultant and move from client to client, this will be an excellent addition to my toolset. Thanks,

I took a quick look at what I thought might be a "simple little utility". I was not prepared for what I saw on your sample page! I feel like I've walked into Utopia or something!

I tried OraSnap - its really great.

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